The NO SNACKING campaign

I do like a good snack. I don’t know many people who don’t really. I especially like a good snack when it staves off boredom and stops the ‘ooh what shall I do next’ feeling. But I have noticed that my snacking levels have increased massively and that I am pretty much eating every few hours. And they are all ‘healthy’ snacks – nuts, seeds, yoghurt, Nakd bars, hard boiled eggs – but they are massively adding to my calorie intake. And it’s time to stop.

So I did. Cold turkey (okay, maybe I am being slightly melodramatic here) and dead in it’s tracks. That was monday and now it is the end of Friday. I have been hungry and pecky every day this week. And OMG, I REALLY feel like I am on a diet now. I actually get hungry before each meal now rather than just the ‘time to eat’ feeling which I suspect is a good thing but I may not be eating enough at each meal now so I am eating slightly more. I may need to add something in for just before the gym too as last nights session left me feeling a bit dizzy and faint halfway through.

Gym is going well. I’m going back to powerlifting on the 16th (once this crippling neck pain has abated) Β and will be aiming to achieve a 110kg deadlift, a 100kg squat and a bloody pull up in the next few months.

Diet-wise. I’m still eating very limited carbs (after a period of struggling a bit) and my lunches and dinners usually consist of a good helping of lean meat, some healthy fats (pine nuts, avo, coconut oil) and almost ridiculous amounts of salad and vegetables. I can assure you that 5 a day is never a problem and I am usually at about 8 or 10 a day. I may or may not start eating toast / porridge / cereal at breakfast to get a small amount of carbs in.

I will also be cycling to work next week! Woo.