Wedding planning

Just because I haven’t been talking about it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

We are still getting married, we’ve booked a date and everything. In fact, we’ve done quite a bit :-

  • set a date
  • the registry office (and possibly even a registrar given that Simon has worked with most of them and has asked one of them to do the wedding. He was quite touched really)
  • A venue for the reception (rock and roll!)
  • Purchased an amazingly awesome suit for Simon, he looks very hot in it.
  • Banned several pairs of shoes for Simon from ever touching his feet, including pale blue snakeskin.
  • Created a very popular Pinterest board (for those interested in seeing some inspiration)
  • Read a few books for inspiration, which has made us even more interested in going down a more untraditional route.
  • Looked at honeymoon options, decided on what we want to do and booked flights!
  • Booked a block of hotel rooms in the closest decent hotel for everyone.
  • Sent some but not all Save the Date cards
  • Commissioned a wedding cake from the amazing Kirsten.
  • Booked the caterers for some lovely dinner.

Still to do tho, are quite a lot of things

  • Decide on decorations and table designs
  • Decide on flowers
  • Buy me a dress
  • Buy us both some shoes
  • Find a band
  • Send out invites
  • Sort out a wedding website.
  • Buy rings
  • Find a photographer (we have entered a competition, I really hope we win!)
  • Sort out the remainder of our honeymoon.

So, good progress really and most of the boring bits are now done and all we need to do is the fun stuff.

I am really looking forwards to it now, looking forwards to seeing everyone and having a massive family affair plus catching up with loads of my lovely friends.

BTW – if anyone asks I am also not supplying details of what we’re actually doing  – everything will be a surprise for people -I’m not going to tell you about my dress, nor about the food, or about the band!  It will be a pleasant surprise for everyone when they arrive 🙂