Simon’s exciting excursion into South African pharmacies

Simon and his little box of joy

Simon and his little box of joy

Seriously, this is one of the more ridiculous things  that happened when we were in SA. Simon got bitten by a bug of some kind. It may have been a mosquito on acid, it might have been a killer Parktown Prawn (think unkillable albino cockroach) or it might have been a bedbug from the dodgy hostel we stayed in.

It was very itchy and his leg swelled up quite a bit. We(he) grew mildly alarmed and headed over to a well known pharmacy in a large shopping mall. We then went to the pharmacy counter at the back and consulted with a very nice lady who suggested this cream. All good. And then the questioning began – where do you live, what’s your phone number, where are you staying, what’s your ID number, no we don’t have one, we’re tourists, what’s your passport number, no we don’t carry them around around with us, etc etc. Sorry Dad, I used your address. And then after all that, we couldn’t even pay at the pharmacy counter.

The lovely lady, who by this time, must have been sniggering at our obvious bemusement at all this activity, took a little metal box out from under the counter, put the small tube of cream in it, and then locked it. She also gave Si a sheet of paper and sent him over to pay for it all at the tills.

Where there was a huge queue.


All this for R60.