Training updates

I’m still training like a demon and generally being more active plus eating properly. I have kept this up for a lot longer than I initially thought and I’m quite pleased with myself. I’m quite sure that something will come along to derail me soon but I’m going to continue to work hard at this.

My waist was down another centimetre this morning – so in total down 6cms.

Today I am wearing a tshirt which when I last wore it, was ridiculously tight and I felt very fat in it. Today, it’s both loose and looks great.

My PT has actually noticed a lot of fat loss. And in fact, at last check, I was down 4% fat to take me to 25%. Only 1 more % to take me into the ‘Fitness’ category and take me out of the ‘Average’ category. I’m actually aiming for approx 17 – 18% bodyfat which is the ‘Athlete’ category.

I’ve cycled to work a couple of times. Which is both exhausting and runs the risk of having to cycle past a ‘Super Spreader 3200’ which is a horrible, smelly and a bit scary sort of muck spreader. This is the only downsides of an otherwise pretty cycle to work.

I’m still not 100% on a diet plan. I’m trying but planning and shopping has eluded me for a bit. It’s the last area for a bit of work once my exercise habits are all set in stone.