The AntiResolution year

2012 is the year of the antiResolution. I am bored with them, I’ve just had a look through the last few years on my blog and I’ve made some. Some of which I have stuck to – I no longer buy uncomfortable shoes, which has led to a substantial reduction in the shoe department, I am decluttering on a regular basis which leads me to believe that I will not end up with a garage of stuff and I’m exercising on a 3 times a week basis and have been for the last year. And some of which I have not. I haven’t lost much weight at all which irritates me as I have given much head space to it over the years and I still do not know what I’d like to do with my life (I love the internet and all it’s permutations but finding a long term niche of happiness seems to be impossible given that it’s an ever changing landscape).

So really, this year remains the same. I’m not going to make any year long resolutions as I have discovered that long term goals and me do not get along well. But I am going to make a few short term changes.

  • No wine for 6 weeks, vodka only
  • A new program that my amazing Personal Trainer is planning for me – maintain and grow some strength (goal = 100kg deadlift) plus strip some fat.
  • Some runs at lunch time in my lovely new job (games not marketing, the cynicism scale is dropping daily)
  • Primal eating for 30 days – no artificial shit = meat, fish, veggies, coconut oil, good fats, and nuts and seeds. Try not to drink too much of the aforementioned vodka.
  • Buy some new smart clothes. Perhaps the decluttering has gone too far?
  • More recipes on this blog. Try more new stuff.
  • Fritter less cash on stuff. There is a wedding to save for.

So really, keep on going.

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