Weight Lifting again

I realise I haven’t posted for ages but I have mainly been concentrating on working (blurgh) and working out (yay) and preparing for both a trip to SA and the mid-winter drinking and eating festival. But I can safely say that the working out side of things has been going very well.

Last night I tested my deadlift one rep max and managed a very very excellent 85kgs. More than my bodyweight and really, totally amazing given that I massively struggled with 60kgs 6 weeks ago. The improvements I have made to my strength and flexibility over the last 6 weeks is immense!

Squats  – 60kgs now at 75kgs
Dead lifts – 60kgs now at 85kgs
Chest press/ bench – 40kgs now at 52kgs
Rows – 32 kgs now at 40kgs
Lat pull downs – from 40kgs to 45 kgs

The plan for the last 6 weeks was to follow a 5*5 training program which basically means that you do 5 reps of each exercise 5 times. And you up your weight by approx 1.25 to 2.5kgs each week. You end up building strength like no one’s business and it does make your body a lot leaner. Extensive weight lifting is as good a calorie burner as hours on the treadmill and elliptical and it appears to make a much bigger difference to the structure of your body.