Body and Weight Stats Update

After a good 4 or 5 months worth of weekly (occasionally twice weekly) training sessions with the lovely Justin, I can announce that he’s made more of a difference than my usual random 2 weeks of serious dieting and then 3 weeks of being mopey and eating too much.

I have now achieved a drop of 7% in bodyfat.

I have lost about 4lbs.

And I have lost 3 inches / 7cms around my waist, about 5 cms of each leg and about 2/3 cms of each arm. Even Simon keeps saying things like ‘your legs look very strong but still really feminine’

You’ll all be pleased to know that I haven’t gone down the  Jodie Marsh effect and turned into an orange muscle machine but I look a lot slimmer now and more toned and defined. Less blobby.

Justin has done me a new program and we’re really focusing on pushing the weights for the next 6 weeks before I head off to South Africa after Xmas.

We also tested all my 1 rep maxes and I’m rather pleased to say that they’re quite good!

Chest Press	52kgs
Lat Pulldown	58kgs
Leg Press	141kgs
Shoulder Press	27kgs
Seated Rows	52kgs
Bicep Curls	22kgs
Press ups	15
Crunches	36
Bent Over Rows	42.5kgs
Squats	        92.5kgs