Update etc

Mondays are rubbish.

I did actually write that line on Monday. And then was distracted by work related shenanigans and I am now coming back to you, my faithful blog. It’s been a long week, with a lot of overtime in it plus added stress and hassle because of a rather large project. In fact, from only having one and a bit projects, I have gone to having 3 and a bit projects and one of those projects really is quite quite ridiculously stressful. It’s all the things you don’t want in a project – high profile, suppliers who do scary things, a new-to-each-other development team and a freelance creative who is rarely available due to scheduling issues.

Plus the client is an ex-colleague and I really don’t want to look foolish in front of him.

Still, it should all calm down soon and drop back to a more normal situation after that. Nice to be busy, but there is a level that would be nice to be at rather than being like a headless chicken.

In the meantime, I’m keeping up with the gym sessions twice a week and will probably join a gym in the winter so I won’t have to run outside. I am considering splashing out and joining a lovely gym that has a swimming pool as well. I really like to swim and it makes sense rather than driving over to Easton or the Jubilee pool.