Bread making and books about bread

I have been baking a little bit lately, nothing exceptional but just generally very tasty, very delicious things. I’m trying not to bake too often as I generally follow a fairly low carb lifestyle.

This River Cottage book is an excellent reference manual – it details nearly every type of bread and gives you an excellent overview on how bread making works. It really is the only bread book you’ll ever need.

All that said! I am still eyeing up this book. We visited the Tartine Bakery twice when we were in San Francisco, it’s in the Mission district and I took the exceptionally scary role of driving Simon and I across SF to get there. All in search of a frangipane croissant which was apparently legendary. It was pretty bloody awesome and I’m glad we did it. Si had a coffee from there and did say that it was up there in his top 10 coffees of all time. The baker there is apparently a bit of a legend and I note that he’s released a book about artisan baking. I’m quite excited by the look of it, it looks a bit Zen and waffly but I bet it’s pretty awesome.