Graduating from the girl weights into the fairly respectable weight department

Last week I had a bit of a personal best, a total achievement after 4 months of fairly solid weight training, I managed to squat 50kgs and then to deadlift 50kgs. I was really quite surprised that I had managed it, it was the first time I had lifted using the squat rack and I wasn’t used to the physical difference. I’m really pleased and after a 2 week break, I’ll be back trying to up my weights again. It’s very strange how satisfying ‘lifting heavy things’ is, especially given that my legs are skinnier than ever.

So, for the record

Squat – 50kgs – 6 reps * 2
Deadlift – 50kgs – 6 reps * 2
Leg press – 80kgs – 6 reps * 2
Chest press – 16kgs each side – 8 reps * 2
Lat pull downs – 45kgs – 6 reps * 2
Shoulder press – 8kgs each site – 6 * 2 (still a little feeble on those)
Tricep dips (legs up on another bench) – 18 non stop.

And I do another bunch of stuff but these are the big muscle groups. I started on a bunch of feeble girl weights so I am dead pleased with myself. The difference in my general feeling of well being is rather large. Rather like the blur song really.