Whoooaaah, what was that you say? A weekend? A riot?

There appears to be some craziness going on in Hackney Central as I type, and there were further riots and general mayhem over London this past weekend. From starting in Tottenham and now moving to South London’s Brixton and now onwards to Hackney Central. It makes a different to it being Bristol but it’s utterly bizarre and really, quite crap. Looting? In a supposedly civilised country. I suppose this just proves that we are not as close to being as civilised as we thought we were.

In other exciting news, the kittens are going to the vets tomorrow, we have bought a new car (with an LPG conversion so now paying 69p a litre for petrol AND being green) and have reverted back to a low carb diet. I am basically sick of eating carbs as I am eating a LOAD of crap and it’s making me feel rubbish. Back to nice salads and large chunks of MEAT. Well not tonight as we’re going or sushi so there will be lots of teriyaki salmon and salads.

Last weekend was lovely, well, the weather was crap but I did finally visit Cheltenham. Which is a rather lovely city and I think I would like to go back there again. The week ahead looks like it will be full of busyness again but I shall definitely cook some interesting food. I promise. I admit to having a craving for ribs which is likely to get me cooking them tomorrow. Plus some lamb chops. I need more lamb in my life, it’s true.