Fitness updates etc plus FREE starter sessions with my awesome trainer

I am a lot fitter than I was back in April when I started this training malarkey. I was utterly unconvinced about the worth of a personal training session and how much of a difference it could make to my life. I now believe that if you are struggling to get into being fit and struggling to get motivated and not quite sure where to start, a few sessions with a trainer would make the world of difference.

I now actively look forwards to sessions at the gym (at least 85% of the time at least!) and have actually had small thrills of excitement as I have now graduated from the ‘girly weights’ to the larger man size weights. In fact, I noticed on Monday that I was chest pressing more than the bloke on the bench next to me! Ha! I have also discovered that weights can change your body shape a lot! and that good exercise doesn’t have to consist of hours and hours of toiling on the treadmill and the cross-trainer.

I’m not vastly thinner than I was – I still eat too much and struggle with that – BUT I am noticeably firmer and stronger looking. I can also lift heavy shit and feel much more capable than I used to.

In any case, my awesome personal trainer – Justin from GH Fitness has now decided to offer some introductory free sessions to some lucky people to get them to have a taste of what personal training could be like. Get in touch with me for an introduction and you’ll be on your way to feeling awesome in no time.