Things that are just Not-Quite-Right

  1. My desk and chair position at work. No matter how or which way I adjust them, I can’t find a comfortable position. Every day now ends in burning back of neck pain and a mild headache. I am getting sick of it. And the internet is not helpful, all it does is show me pictures of optimum seat positions but because I have a round table at work, it doesn’t quite work. I feel like I have been let down by the internet. This can not be.
  2. Using the backspace in WordPress (for going back to fix mistakes) is ridiculously slow. The entire cursor suddenly slows down and I keep either over or under deleting letters. This has led to more mistakes than usual on my blog and is pissing me off. It must be pissing you off as well.
  3. I can’t spell any more. Or perhaps I can’t type. I’m not really sure which but I can’t be bothered to fix it, which means that my emails are faintly nonsensical because I can’t be bothered to reword them and I have stopped being clear or concise. Very annoying. I apologise to everyone who has had email from me lately that makes no sense whatsoever. Perhaps it is related to 1.
  4. My ears and eyeballs itch. So very very badly. Stupid hayfever. Seriously, no one needs this in their lives.

Actually I have run out of list items. I shall now be slightly less pessimistic.

  1. Casa Mia was AMAZING. I am still thrilled with the memory of it.
  2. I might be going ice skating on thursday at lunch time. I can’t wait. It’s been YEARS
  3. Si has some work and more in the pipeline.
  4. I am having my hair done on thursday. Exciting things are afoot.

I do like lists which are not the usual numbers. 4 seems very nice today.

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