The best friday night …

When I was in my 20s I was rather fond of the friday night extravaganza. However, in my tiny drunk adled brains, that meant, heading out straight from work, drinking too much alcohol with my work colleagues and staggering off home at some godforsaken hour, usually clutching a Burger King (Waterloo commuting days) or a random fried chicken burger( Kilburn and Camden days).

I am relieved to say, that I have finally grown up. Well sort of.

On Friday night, we got ourselves dressed up in our smart clothes (black dress for me, black tshirt for Simon) and headed out for our anniversary dinner. What Simon didn’t know (well, until he’d gotten in the cab) was that we were heading to Casa Mia – one of the more famous restaurants in Bristol. Winner of Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant award and holder of one Michelin star. Also, an object of many of our restaurant longings for the last few years.

We had the following tasting menu –

Scrambled duck egg, smoked duck and thyme air/foam – served in a little duck egg shell

Wild boar salami, sheep curd, carrots, pesto (this included some of the nicest carrot puree ever!)

Beetroot, barley, ice yoghurt, pickled fennel –

Salmon poached in olive oil, italian garnishes(mainly capers), horseradish cream.

Iberico pork, mushrooms, apple sauce, celery root

Mango puree, lovage foam

Pine nut pannacotta, amalfi lemon sorbet (this was pretty incredible, they bring some lemons and pour dry ice over them so you get the smell and aura of lemon mist everywhere.

(served with the aroma of Renato’s Numero Uno)

and we absolutely loved everything we ate. Absolutely delicious! The accompanying wine flight was just perfect – we started with sherry which matched the duck egg and had some delicious wines with every course.

Unfortunately, we did end up being quite quite hammered after this meal and some bright spark(me really) decided that it would be a good idea to head to La Rocca where we went dancing for the next 2 hours. Utterly amazing night and so much fun! A fitting celebration of the last 2 years with Si – good food and fun.