Take 2 – stupid banner adverts

stupid banner advert

stupid banner advert

I have to admit that I do actually wonder how many people actually click on these?

Does the fake windows styling from circa 1998 actually make people think that they should click on it?Does it make it look more legitimate?

It’s appeared in a space for an MPU (an almost square box 250 x 300 pixels) and is in the page rather than a popup box. It doesn’t look remotely compelling or interesting to me, especially amongst a set of news articles with images and headlines.

The messaging is unclear – a tantalising attempt at exciting the user into clicking on it – but doesn’t says anything meaningful – a big no-no when it comes to online marketing where users don’t like to be surprised by random things behind links.

Anyway, I assume we all know that clicking on this will open approximately 17 new windows, all of which will try and install a virus on your computer.

Just lovely!