Lalique – perfume, jewelery and a certain style.

I recently bought a perfume, unsmelt, on a recommendation of a fellow blogger. It was from a brand I had never heard of before called Lalique. The perfume I bought is called Flora Bella and I really love it but as with 95% of perfumes, it lasts about 30 mins on my skin. No matter, it gives me a chance to try quite a lot of perfumes!

Still, I wanted to find out more about Lalique, especially after watching a rather riveting documentary on perfume on BBC3 the other night. (watch it quickly, it expires at 9:59PM Tue, 19 Jul 2011) I wondered if Lalique were a perfume house. So I did a little research and no, they are not a traditional perfume house. They are a glassware company. Now this sounds absurd, a company who create glasses but a little more research and you realise quickly that it’s not a boring glassware company but an incredibly artistic company (named for it’s founder, René Jules Lalique) who created incredible perfume bottles, vases, chandeliers, glass jewellery and more bizarrely, ornaments for car hoods.


A little scouting around and you realise that the artistry is quite incredible and some of the items are quite quite beautiful and some of it is beyond incredible! There is a great NY Times article on Lalique and

The Musée Lalique is set to open on July 2 in Alsace, France. The museum will spotlight the jewelry, glasswork, and decorative arts of René Lalique himself, as well as crystal pieces produced by later generations of his family and company. I really fancy going.

This research into Lalique and their amazing

This cute little late Victorian (ca. 1885-1910) gold, ruby and seed pearl ring is proof that you don’t always have to break the bank to buy antique jewelry.

There are lots of similar Victorian rings out there, and this one only costs £150 or so. (It has also had a seed pearl replaced. Apparently, this is fairly common with any jewelry that has seed pearls, so if you own or buy a piece that uses them, have it checked by the dealer or a jeweler to make sure all the pearls are securely set. It’s so, so hard to find a replacement pearl in the same color and size, so better safe than sorry!)

I also adore this one from the same Etsy seller and these bracelets (both from