Holidays in Portugal – the Algarve

We had one. It was lovely. Things I was surprised about

  1. The beauty – the sea really is very green/blue, the beaches are lovely and glorious, the sun does always shine and there is a mild breeze off of the sea all day so it’s never too hot.
  2. The english – after my trip to Brazil, I was under the assumption that the Portuguese did not like speaking English, this is not true in Portugal as even when we made an effort to speak Portuguese, everyone just replied to us in english.
  3. Louts and ladettes – we did not see many of them. I thought the Algarve was wall to wall piss-heads after fry-ups and roast dinners. I was wrong. It was really quite genteel in Vilamoura.
  4. Food – they take their steak quite quite seriously. We had serious amounts of fillet steak, cooked perfectly