The come down after a huge project

I know I rarely post about work however, I have just finished a huge project at work (86 content managed websites, multi-language, covering about 40 countries across the world) and I am drained to the point of exhaustion. It’s not remotely as bad as the last project (64 websites) as this time I had back up from both an account team to manage the client and a fellow project manager to manage the technical implications but I am drained.

It’s been a low key launch and will not reach true peak for a few more weeks while the final bugs and tweaks are ironed out of the system. The client is then keen to build on the system and launch new sites and new areas of interest. I’m not going to be around for that – I have booked 2 weeks holiday – but I am sure that it’s going to be a reasonably straight forwards process for them to do that.

The thing I find the hardest about the end of projects is not only the being mental drained situation – I am literally sitting here staring at my computer- but there is the inevitable wash-up process which it just awful. It’s a mixture of analysing what went wrong and recommendations for future projects but inevitably turns into a bit of a blame storm and a session where people release pent up emotions. I am not looking forward to it. This is the main time that I regret not making the change of career a few years ago. Still seeking ideas for new careers which still involve the internet.

Additionally, I am in such a dither that I made delicious dinner last night – pork belly, butternut, beetroot and polenta and totally forgot to photograph it. How rubbish is that?