London calling – a sneaky trip to see the Enemy turns into a marketing extravaganza

Last week, we won some tickets to a gig for a band in London. The competition was in Q Magazine and the special secret gig was for a band called the Enemy. You would also win free travel and a night in a hotel in London along with canapés and free drinks! How fantastic does this sound?

(I say that we won the tickets, really, Liz won them and gave them to us)

In reality, this turned out to be a marketing event for Ford, where they were trying to tell us about their new Ford Focus – which apparently can park itself. Sneaky. No matter, we managed to have fun in any case – there was quite a lot of free booze and we drank quite a lot of it. There were canapés, quite nice but not enough and some interesting shows by Stefan Gates showing us cool things with food. It was a real treat to see the Enemy live – with only about 80 people watching them, we were right in the front row and had a total blast.

The evening ended with a bus ride back to our hotel. And then I decided that bagels were in order – there were definitely not enough canapés to soak up the booze – and made poor Simon trek all the way to the all night Bagel Bakery in Brick Lane. Where I ate 2 smoked salmon bagels and forced him to purchase a loaf of cholla bread (delicious). And then we headed back to the hotel and I passed out.

The next morning was very hungover but I still managed a 9:15 conference call and then a train back to London.