Is this the most ridiculous Facebook advert ever?

Totally ridiculous facebook advert

Totally ridiculous facebook advert

Seriously, the woman is quite obviously pregnant. And indeed, I fear that she might even be someone famous but given my knowledge of famous people is really quite bad, I’m not sure.  This is definitely my top contender to most ridiculous facebook advertisement ever.

However, second in the queue is this beauty –


Not according to NOW /Closer etc

This lovely northern foul-mouthed beauty who has for the last year or two either been slim or like a rake after the divorce/malaria incidents. To be honest, I think most people would find it hard to believe that someone who has been in the public eye for 3-4 years and has barely changed size in that time, would ever been following some ridiculous diet tips that she found on the internet. And indeed, when you click through to the page you find some utterly ridiculous offer for ACAI berries. Which I believe are utterly useless when it comes to losing weight.

Let me know if you see any others.

4 thoughts on “Is this the most ridiculous Facebook advert ever?

  1. By the very same marketing department, I give you ‘Murder the Belly Fat’ – again a pregnant woman, this time with a weird before and after shot that actually looks exactly the same. Are they abortionists?

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