There was no rapture, there was only turmoil

This weekend has been quite peculiar.

We were offered tickets to a gig on Wednesday night from Q magazine for a competition entry – free train travel, night in a hotel and posh gig, FREE BOOZE etc. Awesome. Totally awesome. What should I wear crisis?

I had my legs waxed on Saturday afternoon which was possibly one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS REGULARLY?

Someone drove into our car when it was parked outside our flat. He actually left a note, with a real phone number and actually answered the phone when we rang AND gave us his insurance details and admitted liability. I’m pretty much astounded by the honesty of his actions and am unbelievably pleased. Simon has however sorted it all out with the insurance company and we have a hire car to cover us until it’s fixed. Which is good as I need to go to Highworth tomorrow.

There is a huge dent in the side of the car and whatever he did has also caused the car to stop working as it just won’t start so yesterday ended up being a little weird. We headed out with the aim of visiting a farm shop and a walk in Dyrham Park and got in the car and it just wouldn’t start. So we wandered into town, attempted to find somewhere to eat only for everywhere to be closed or almost closed. Sob. We ended up in Brasserie Blanc, which was nice but out of mussels so I gave up and had steak.