Perfume and the pain of shopping for it.

I am reasonably crap at perfume, it took me years and years to get into it and I still don’t really understand the top notes / middle notes / base notes bits in the perfume and the only things that I know I like are musk and rose smells. I am also aware that the BodyShop White Musk is not a sophisticated perfume as it has just one note and not as interesting as it could be. That’s pretty much it.

I am a big fan of the lovely Bonkers about Perfume and her sensible and interesting advice on perfume. I have purchased, on her advice, Lalique’s Bella Flora and it really is quite quite lovely. It lasts much longer than my Narcisso Rodriquez on my skin as well. I have also purchased a few other bits and pieces to try.Including Jovan White Musk – which is lovely and light and summery, Vivienne Westwood’s Let it rock – which is also interesting and ambery and quite strong. I have also bought Agent Provactuer’s original perfume – the one in the pink bottle – which is almost powdery  and very floral in nature.

I think I must have skin that eats perfume away as very few perfumes last longer than an hour or so.

The problem with shopping for perfume is that I usually try a few perfumes on my skin, wander around smelling myself for about 15 mins or so and then immediately forget what I have put where and then I have to start all over again. FAIL.

One thought on “Perfume and the pain of shopping for it.

  1. I enjoy Bonkers’ blog too. I remember reading that the most popular post on her blog (up until the Royal Wedding perfume one presumably) was the one where she described trying to get Lidl to disclose the notes for one of their Suddenly scents, which apparently smells quite similar to one of the Ghost scents.

    I always forget to check up on sampled perfumes too. However, if you can actually forget that they are there this is a far better outcome than having to sprint gagging to the toilets to wash it off.

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