Last night I ran almost 3 miles

this was a major shock to my head but strangely, my body didn’t even blink. I was tired when I got home but not even remotely exhausted and I don’t ache at all today. This was really quite exciting, I am definitely getting fitter. My next goal is to run 5 miles and try and run 5 miles 2 or 3 times a week. I have no particular urge to do any races or anything like that. Running with other people = very bad.

Last night’s run was pretty eventful –

  • I discovered a great view of the coloured houses in Bristol and shall head down there on the weekend with the long lens to take some pictures
  • I ran into Grand Master Faff who was prepping for a session of rowing training with a bunch men in lycra (oooh!)
  • I got to pet a really sweet Rhodesian ridgeback dog who came to sniff my shoes when I stopped to do up a lace
  • GM Faff yelled abuse from his little launch through a megaphone at me. No one has ever megaphoned at me.
  • I ran up Park street in order avoid an ex-colleague.