Getting started on getting fit and slim

I think this is one of the most daunting things to do. It requires commitment, time, denial of pleasures, thinking about things on a regular basis, planning ahead and regular exercise. Even the thought of starting such a thing is daunting and quite often I am paralysed with indecision on where to start and how to start. Whilst still berating myself for letting my fitness slide and getting into the state I am in.

I am still a work in progress and fitness is a goal rather than something I’m at but I can share how difficult it was to get started and  how difficult it is to carry on it can be.

  1. Decide on your ultimate goal. Actually, this is a rubbish thing to do, setting goals does not work for me, it just leads to guilt when I don’t make the right choices to achieve that goal and leads me into a sabotage situation. Don’t decide on a goal, decide on how you would like your life to be – for example I am choosing to have a strong body, to improve my climbing and to feel that I can deal with any thing that comes my way.
  2. When you know what you want to be, it’s much easier to make the right choices. As it’s a lifestyle and not a goal, it means that you don’t have to 100% stick to anything as a lifestyle is also about enjoying yourself and doing things that give you pleasure.
  3. Start slowly – this is about the rest of your life, you wouldn’t rush into a making a major life decision and this is a big thing for your life.
  4. Don’t make all the changes, all at once. If you do this, it means you will slip up. It’s impossible to change everything and then remember to do all those changes every day – and then when you slip up once, you’ll slip up again and then you’ll start sabotaging.
  5. Getting fit has a good effect on what you eat. I would suggest that this is the first thing you do as it affects the way you feel about everything. Once you start feeling, fitter and stronger, you will feel more motivated to eat better.