Possibly the best line in a restaurant ever? Huong Que Vietnamese Restaurant

This was the location of the most difficult meal experience held in a long time – Huong Que Vietnamese Restaurant on the Gloucester Rd, Bristol.

I actually can’t believe how bad it was! Firstly, the food was excellent. really really tasty and definitely one of the best Pho I’ve had outside of Vietnam (where I lived off them) however the service, actual arrival of food and indeed, ability to count appears to be massively lacking. We ordered 5 starters and 6 main courses (there were 5 of us) and the waiter actually counted them and confirmed them to us!

We arrived at 7:30 and asked for our table that we had booked on Friday, they acted a little confused but gave us a table.

Jason’s starter arrived. We waited about 5 more minutes. Martin’s starter arrived. We waited 10 minutes and Simon’s starter arrived. Liz tried to gnaw her own arm off  before asking where our starters were. The waiter said ‘ maybe they will be here soon‘. We were not re-assured.

Our main courses arrived. Well. 5 main courses arrived and the one we’d ordered to share did not. They were really quite delicious. By this time it was about 8:45 or so and we finished eating at about 9ish. A waiter came to take our plates away and we discussed the option of Vietnamese coffee and decided to go for it (not for me, I HATE coffee) and waited for the waiter to come back. At about 9:15 he came back and instead of letting us order, told us that we were supposed to have vacated our table at 8:30 as they needed it for someone else. He was quite polite but we were rather annoyed. We then informed him that we didn’t expect any of our missing food to be on the bill and he was utterly unaware that we were still missing some starters. *sigh*

Table rankings of least reassuring lines in a restaurant

  1. Huong Que for ‘maybe they will be here soon’
  2. Surakhan for ‘is this table 4?’
Pho bo tai

Pho bo tai