Book recommendations

I have been reading a lot in the last few weeks – we have no TV (shock, horror, fear) at the moment so it’s really quite nice to spend some time curled up with a good book and some nice music playing in the background (I tend to ignore the Pantera or Sepultura albums).

So far I have read:-

Both Ben Aaronovitch books – Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho. Both of which I have raved to everyone I can possibly find. They are excellent, lovely characters, excellent story lines and some truly tricky scenarios. It’s urban fantasy with a real life spin on it which makes it exceptionally engaging. And also a relief to be out of the Paranormal Romance category!

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula is one of the last vampire books I’ve read. And I’m really quite glad I did, it’s a sarcastic and totally off the wall look at vampires and what they could be like. Really faintly ridiculous but very funny.

I have also just read the entire Saga of the Exiles by Julian May The Many-coloured Land (The Saga of the Exiles) – which is a great visioning of a future where humanity develops mind powers – well – develops telepathy, etc – called Operancy. You can’t really beat it for a disturbing but very cool potential future.

The Windup Girl was spectacular in it’s scope and potential. I would definitely recommend it. Utterly fascinating concepts.

And Death Most Definite (Steven De Selby 1) was light hearted fun and games.

Books I am desperately waiting for:-

China Meiville has some new books out – Kraken – which some describe as Clive Barker on acid – squeezing all the crazy stuff into one book. I’m also going to purchase Embassytown which is looking pretty interesting. I do believe that China Meiville is one of the most intriguing authors around today.

I am also looking forwards to the new Peter F Hamilton short stories Manhattan in Reverse I loved his last set of stories – A Second Chance at Eden which were a fascinating look at what the future could be like.