Spam spam spam!

I am getting some absolutely amazing spam comments at the moment. Their sheer randomness of words is utterly amazing. Let me share with you a couple of examples.

I understand these are two completely different sports but im just trying to prove a point that some crimes are worse than others…For example killing of animals STEROIDS etc.

This was on a post about Cornwall scenery shots. So really nice and relevant!

When I got to the hotel about 2 minutes drive in the shuttle from Tegel I made myself at home and decided to have a late-ish dinner about 22 00. Crispy shredded spinach of a style Id more readily associate with dried seaweed at a sushi restaurant – but delicious nonetheless – garnished the top of the gnocchi and as with every other meal we had this weekend there was an abundance of Pfifferlingen not peppers as wed first mis-translated but chanterelles were obviously in the heart of the German mushroom-picking season or something . If ever I were to find myself in transit at Tegel for a few hours Id have no question about going right over and trying this restaurant again maybe with a swim next time too and less attitude from die Inkompetenten at the terminal itself. The Score3.5 Food and Drink3.0 Service3.0 Decor2.0 Ambience3.5 Value3.0 Overall Rating …..Posted by.Dublin 21…at.

This almost makes sense . Until you realise that it’s been cut and pasted from someone else’s blog. Woo, great for the SEO (not) and really, I feel rather sorry for the original poster to have his work distributed like that.

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This one appears to be innocuous enough, until you see the name of the poster. Odelia Boeger. Yes. that’s the name. Hysterical isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Spam spam spam!

  1. I still don’t really get any spam. other than sending to my facebook friends of course 😦 weird does that mean everyone hates me?

    • These are spam blog comments. I get loads of spam into my email accounts too and well, someone called stuart sends me lots of spam on Facebook 😉

      So if you don’t get any, then everyone hates you. For sure.

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