Royal Brunch menu

I like looking at pictures of clothes. And shoes. And hats. Hats especially.

Coming from small and ridiculous town in South Africa, we never did hats at weddings. They are a peculiarly British tradition and as such, deserve a morning of eating freshly baked goodies and loudly incredulous  exclamations at the TV. So, friday morning’s plan is to get up about 9:30, don a ridiculous outfit and settle in front of the TV along with an excellent friend of Australian extraction and eat, drink champagne and judge outfits at the Royal Wedding.

Our menu for the morning is not precisely British but I like to think it’s a nice nod to my adopted country.

Champagne and orange juice
home made bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

fruit and yoghurt

PIMMS! with the obligatory fruit etc.

Sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Crusts = bad!
Victoria sponge with lemon curd in the sandwich

I can’t wait.