Bagels, yes, made from scratch.

Home made bagelsBasically, I can’t say anything other than, just make your own and be blown away by how much nicer they are than supermarket bagels. In fact, I really rather like supermarket bagels and I would never have considered making them from scratch until Simon tried them. They are softer, chewier, tastier and just generally much more fulfilling than supermarket ones.

I would like to try them with salt beef and some spicy mustard. Or perhaps some cream cheese and smoked salmon. More bagels

Once there were 6 bagels, then there were 5

Once there were 6 bagels, then there were 5

3 thoughts on “Bagels, yes, made from scratch.

  1. Ooh, do you need special ingredients? These look great, and it’s hard to get bagels here.

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