Carvery. The multi-meat of the sunday lunches.

Carvery meal

I’m going to assume that you’ve all either had carvery before or are at least aware of what it is?

It is basically a roast dinner but you get to choose what you have in it, from choosing the meat to all the sides. Customarily done in pubs, you’ll pay your money, take your token up to the counter and some nice person dressed in chefs whites with a ridiculous hat will slice you some meat from one of 3 or 4 types of meats. You then go and help your self to vegetables and potatoes.

Food snobs hate them as it’s near on impossible to keep meat tasty and succulent while leaving them for hours under heat lamps. Those interested in budgets and getting as much as you can out of a certain amount of money love them for the sheer volume of food you can get for not very much. I’ve never really had much feeling on the subject other than a mild hatred of eating too much in one go. I’m always game for a laugh so when the not-quite-FIL suggested we head out for a walk (the beautiful Golitha Falls) and then for a carvery, we were totally up for it.

In any case, I suggest that a long walk to build up the appetite is definitely the best thing to do. As you can see from my plate above, it’s quite difficult to show restraint. carvery defeat

In any case I was utterly defeated. It was however, not as bad as I usually would have imagined. In fact, the cauliflower cheese was excellent, the red cabbage was tasty, the honey mustard parsnips were soft and sweet, the mashed carrot & swede was good. In fact, all the vegetables were excellent. The meat was a little dry and tasteless but a judicious application of gravy helped with that. Thank you the Edgcumbe Arms in Cremyll for alleviating me of my carvery concerns, you were really not bad at all.