Writing a good review

I like to think that my reviews give you a good understanding of any restaurant or establishment that I should be writing about. However, I am really rather impressed with this Manchester review of Greggs the Baker.

It includes such fantastic paragraphs as these

“It looked, to all intents and purposes, like a sad snake in a shallow grave. It was to be the highlight of the meal.”

“Minor redemption came in the form of the assorted doughnuts, which was like being punched in the face with a fist made of sugar.”

I think I’m going to have to work on my reviews. I shall start here and now with a description of the lunch I just had at Goldbrick House.

Goldbrick House

Goldbrick House is a Bristol institution (actually I’m not sure on that one, how long does something have to be there for it to be an institution?) and combines a cafe/bar, a posh restaurant, a pleasant cocktail bar, some private dining rooms and a roof terrace dining area. You may wonder how well the quality maintains while wearing so many hats. Well, having recently experienced 3 out of the 5 areas of the business I can assure you that the food is of a good standard, the service is pleasant and friendly and the venue is quite delightful.

Jesus that’s boring. Which is a pity because I really quite like GBH. Just had a massive lamb burger, with chips & tzatziki which was obviously made freshly – given it’s non-uniformity of size and shape of the meat part. The bun was too big for the round patty. The chips are your standard pub chips but well cooked and tasty. S’s food was a tasty, rich and creamy pasta dish with smoked salmon and soft cheese. It overwhelmed with the richness and needed some lemon squeezed over it to get the full flavour and to cut the richness out a little.

The burger and chips were massively substantial and I think salad shall be in order for dinner tonight as I am still feeling like I’ve swallowed a rugby ball. Very satisfactory dishes.

Not only shall I have salad for dinner tonight, I shall also do some exercising. Taken in the form of running around both Tesco and B&Q. I need curtain poles. Does anyone have any opinions on whether No More Nails is a good idea as opposed to actually drilling some holes on the walls?