Bubble and squeak stack, plus poached egg.

Bubble & Squeak stack

I don’t actually like savoy cabbage. Simon despairs of me. He tells me that it’s buttery taste and yummy texture are amazing, especially with some toasted cumin seeds and butter added while cooking. I am unconvinced and usually look at it with disdain.

Poached egg on bubble & squeak stack. So I was quite surprised when I had one of these and rather liked it. I think it just proves that adding a perfectly poached egg and potato to anything makes it better. I can’t give you an exact recipe but basically take all your left over veggies and roast potatoes (make extra if having left over ones is anathema to you!). Pile up into silver rings and smoosh down and bake in oven for 15 -20 mins. Pull out of oven and top with the cooked poached egg.

Actually, seriously, if you can’t make bubble and squeak, please just go and buy a copy of Delia

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