A visit to the Butcher – merguez sausages and a nice rack (of lamb)

Nice RACK! Of lamb

I like going to the butcher and on Friday when I left work early, we headed to the camera shop on North street to see if we could find some more bits for my FED2 (success, I now have a long lense for it for a bargainous £15) and while we were there, we headed into the butcher. Or rather, one of the butchers. Bob Wherlock to be precise.

The dearth of butchers on the high street is clearly not a problem on cosmopolitan North Street where there are 2 butchers. We were after a rack of lamb for dinner and while we were there, ended up purchasing some of these merguez sausages – a spicy sausage from North Africa.

Spicy SausagesWe had it for breakfast along with poached eggs, mushrooms and toast. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

I can whole heartedly recommend both. Really quite awesome.