And now for something to combat all the food – a rare post about exercise.

One of the main issues with being a bit of a  food blogger is the weight-gain. I haven’t really gained a lot of weight but after a lot of cooking or eating out, I can find that I feel a bit crap for a couple of days or gain some weight.

Obviously I have some strategies in place to deal with it

  • feed the work colleagues (they love this.)
  • feed the boyfriend (this kinda works but every so often he requests salad)
  • feed friends (this definitely works)
  • the freezer. This is a bad idea, we only have the tiny icebox freezer in the fridge. I will be buying an under-counter one soon though as it’s getting slightly ridiculous.
  • exercise. This is a mild fail.

I like exercise, I enjoy it when I’m there and doing it. I just struggle with motivation to actually get round to doing it. I think I have resolved this to a certain degree now. I have started with a personal trainer. I had my first session last night and I am very pleased to say that I worked pretty hard and feel really quite good albeit slightly achy.

My goals are to get stronger, a lot stronger so that I can do a lot more climbing and generally stop being such a wuss about stuff. I’m also aiming to improve flexibility and perhaps a little bit of motor co-ordination. My lack of coord is almost legendary as I continue to drop stuff, walk into things and fall over. This might help. A little bit.

So last night I trundled down to the Fit Firm on Hotwells Road having bought a rather bargainous 6 personal training sessions for £39 on Living Social. I met the rather fit-looking Justin and he took down a list of my goals and aims. He then had a little think about what I could be doing and started me off showing me some exercises and things to do. It’s all quite quite different to what I had been doing before – which was high reps, medium weight. I’m now doing 8-12 reps at the highest weight I can possibly manage. Lots of alternating and moving swiftly from one area of the body to do the next which means that it will improve my cardio fitness without doing loads of cardio (I’m still aiming for a couple of runs a week to keep that up).

I am really excited about this and can totally imagine doing more sessions once my 6 session voucher finishes, especially given that they are so much nicer and more reasonably priced than the unbelievably awful Fitness First (I can’t wait for the 11 weeks to be up before I can cancel my contract with them). I’ll be doing a PT session every 5 days or so for the next 6 weeks and I’m hoping that by the end of that, I should be looking fitter, stronger and healthier.