The Secret Tea Party

I really fancy having a tea party.

Lots of tea – both builders and the flowery stuff (can you tell I don’t like Earl Grey?) , scones, jam, cream, cup cakes, cakes, cucumber sandwiches, little tarts and pastries, miniature pastries, perhaps a few biscuits too – even though I mainly think biscuits are a total waste of time.

Menu would be:-

Mimosas (Orange juice & champagne) or champagne for the hard core.


Cucumber and mint sandwiches
Ham and asparagus sandwiches
Fig and goats cheese sandwiches
Egg and cress tartlets
Trout and cheddar pastry bites


Sultana scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream
Tea or milky chai


Red velvet cupcakes
Victoria sponge
Chocolate afghans
strawberry tarts
lemon swiss roll
chocolate macaroons

I have absolutely no idea why I am planning a tea party and I have no plans to actually hold this tea party but I am enjoying dreaming about the menu and what I could do.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Tea Party

  1. Let’s go have tea at Fortnum’s or similar this summer!

    I went to the Dorchester for tea for Vicky’s hen thing a few years ago and the really memorable thing was actually the tea itself – I tried several and opted for one called Paris something and one called Orange something (possibly they were the same one) and I still hold out hope I’ll be able to get it again – it was sublime. But I think the whole thing cost £65 so not really worth it again.

    Or! We could have a picnic and make different sandwiches! And cakes!

    • That sounds awesome. I’m totally up for that. Apparently the afternoon tea at Harvey Nicks here in Bristol is lovely and I quite fancy that. 2 courses and a glass of bubbly for £16 or something like that?

      But yes, I really fancy Fortnum & Mason’s.

      But apparently the best afternoon tea outside London is in Wales, Abergavenny to be precise. The good news is that it’s about an hours drive from here. We can go anytime!

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