The internet might actually be slower than using a dial-up modem. 56k at best.

It’s pretty dismal round here. The internet is more frustrating than helpful at the moment and it’s very very tiresome. Unfortunately, I am also too busy to blog at work so I must apologise to you all. It’s shit and there is no excusing it – Virgin! So helpful earlier and yet so useless now.

Top 10 things RIGHT NOW.

1. Daylight savings. This still bamboozles me. I get why we do it, I just hate it. I have been mostly asleep for the last few days and feel very unsettled.

2. Dieting. Still plodding on. Removing all joy from my diet in the form of carbs, fat and sugar. Am still being strong about only weighing once a week. This was beginning to become a concern as I felt all unsettled if I hadn’t weighed myself in the morning and yet, if I hadn’t lost weight when I did weigh myself, I spent all day having internal recriminations.

3. Work. I don’t really mind it. I think I am reasonably good at it but man, it’s a bit crap getting up early every morning and doing stuff quickly.

4. Chocolate Chai. I had this at Dishoom last weekend. It was a mixture of hot chocolate with some mild chai spices in it. Quite frankly, amazing. Not too sweet and just deliciously interesting. IMAG0235

5. White towels. I no longer have any. They are now a fetching shade of pale yellow. I am not fit to be a grown-up. Seriously lame. I’d blame Simon but I’m not sure I can.

6. Dinner parties. I am cooking tomorrow night. Awesome. This is cool. The food will be awesome.

7. Foo Fighters. How good are they? How could I possibly have forgotten? Why did it take seeing Dave Grohl on TV this morning to make me remember?

42. Numbering things. Why am I doing this? I never number things? I hate numbers (this is ridiculous given that my job revolves around numbers to a certain degree). Except for the number 42. Which is the only number that counts. It is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. I wonder if they will make the sequel to the Hitch hikers Guide? I can’t figure out whether it would be a good idea or not.

9. My lovely Fed2. It’s still awesome. It’s still cool, even tho I broke a film when trying to rewind it a while ago. I have finished another film tho which should be going off to be processed soon (it’s a Velvia 50 Slide Film so should have some awesome colours) and am now trying an Ektar 100 film to see how that comes out.

10. Shopping. I want to buy clothes. This is not ideal. It must be the change of seasons.

11. I want another tattoo. (ooooh controversial) I shall not photograph it with dead flowers. That’s too goth, even for me. I shall accessorise with this dress.


Oh, that’s 11. I’m such an over-achiever.