London, Dishoom Visit, one ticked off the restaurant list.

Dinner at Dishoom - the stacked table

It was good.

Friday was a pub meet up with loads of lovely people. We got fairly drunk, caught up with loads of lovelies and then got back to the hotel and Simon tried out Facebook Places by checking into Spar, Iceland and the Baby Show. Too many comments.

Saturday dawned bright and hazy and we crawled out of bed and into Shoreditch where we intended to do the Drunken Monkey however it was SHUT. Useless. We headed for mexican instead which ended up being rather cheap and very delicious. Steak burrito delight.

We then mooched around London extensively and then headed back to the hotel for a little rest before DLRing over to the O2. Which really was quite cool. I’ve heard so much about it and it really is well developed. We watched Limitless and ate Wagamama’s.

Sunday was better tho. We staggered out of bed, packed up and headed over to Covent Garden to visit the wonderful Dishoom! This really was quite quite spectacular and might even have beaten my first visit for sheer deliciousness. We had .. chicken berry biryani, spicy lamb chops, roti, cheesy naan, garlic naan, salad, veggies and Rose & Cardamom Lassi to drink. Plus a Hot Chai Chocolate.