Restaurants to try in London

I have been growing my list. It’s a bit ridiculous.

Dishoom – we’re planning on a visit on sunday. Last visit was totally awesome, so I have high expectations of this one.

The Drunken Monkey – this is the plan for saturday, where we shall chill out and gossip with some friends.

Friday – I am taking a client to Pierre Victorie in Soho for a relaxed lunch. It’ll be a total blast from the past as we used to go there on a very regular basis when I was working at the lovely Razorfish for friday lunches.

And then there are the million other places I haven’t tried or want to re-visit:-

Bacchus – for fine dining south african food
Chakalaka – for home-style south african food (I miss this, I had my 30th birthday party here and it was one of the best nights ever.)
Windows at Galvins
St Johns
Smiths of Smithfields
Lalibela – for crazy, brilliant Ethiopian food.
Hawksmoor – because I have heard a lot on the blog circuit about this
Tas. Any of them. For amazing lamb kebabs, turkish bread and the lovely waiters
The Modern Pantry – Kiwi chef, amazingly delicious, fresh, light, tasty food.

And then a million other recommendations. Any one got anything else to add?