Celeriac gratin & fondant potatoes

I have discovered celeriac. This is really quite cool. It’s slightly turnipy and when baked as a gratin / dauphinoise, it tastes as good as potato. Quite excellent. We had it with salad and cajun cod. Celeriac is very low in carbs so is a good potato replacement.

Cajun cod, celeriac gratin & saladSalmon, asparagus, fondant potatoes and roasted tomatoFondant potatoes are one of those things that I have heard about and never tried making. In my head, they are mashed potato, piped into rounds / squares and then baked or fried. I was completely wrong. Peel and cut the potatoes into your desired shapes. Melt some butter in a pan and then fry the potatoes on each side for approx 5-6 mins. Then add chicken stock to the pan and leave the potatoes to cook until they are soft. They taste amazing, rich and smooth and creamy and just, mmmmmmmmmm!

We had them with salmon, asparagus and a caper sauce.