Status update

I have to apologise for the interruption in the regular service from the world of Funk.

1. Our broadband is on a Go-Slow. This is the most infuriating thing in the world ever. I can’t upload images, I can’t post, I can’t read anything other than really really slowly. It’s ridiculous. Virgin claim that it will be fixed on the 15th of April. In the meantime, I am spending most evenings frothing at the mouth at my inability to spend time on the internet.

2. I had Laser Eye Surgery on Friday. Which meant that Friday and Saturday were computer-free days. I am however, totally thrilled at the results and so unbelievably excited at being able to see properly again without glasses that I have been roaming the streets of Bristol going ‘oooooooooooooooh’ and of course, making extreme amounts of jokes about the GIANT LASER <– Dr Evil.

It was a mildly traumatic experience however and this is what I looked like about 10 mins after having it done. That said. It took 15 minutes at the most, was totally pain free and after the day or so recovery time, I am so thrilled at the results. 20/20 vision is amazing.

On the plus side, I have been cooking and eating lots so will have some more delicious updates for you all soon. Additionally, I am back on the low carb straight and narrow tomorrow so will be concocting some delicious low carb goodies for dinners and lunches. Might even look into some exciting breakfasts as well.