A day in Geneva

Geneva Cathedral Geneva is, as described by my mother, very Swissy. It’s a bit prim and proper, like the archetypal maiden aunt.  I quite liked the lake

I did a little bit of staring at it. It was very very hazy. Geneva spoutThe city is dominated by the fountain thing. It’s basically one big jet of hair into the air. About 10 meters tall. Absolutely no idea why it’s there, what it means or whether it has any symbolism. Any clues?

Lakeside Lighthouse

There is a sweet little lighthouse projecting into the water before you get to the city. And there is a sauna and what looks like a summer swimming area. Well, we presumed it was a summer swimming area until we spotted this lot swimming. Yes, it was early March, the water was about 3c and there are a bunch of people swimming. Crazy swimming peoplesSwan staring contestThe swans were probably the most exciting thing about Geneva. They had a whole little pissing contest, including some neck biting and shagging before facing each other off in some kind of staring contest and then just ignoring each other. Who knows?  Stupid creatures.

(Can you tell that I wasn’t exactly enamoured with Geneva? I now understand why people just fly into it and then head out into the mountains again.)

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