Low carb recipes

I am a total sheep. Well, not really given that I first did this almost 10 years ago. However, I have been slack, I have eaten too much (it’s very difficult being a thin total food obsessive) However, I am back on the low carb with a vengeance. After taking consultation with a nutritionist last year and following the program that he recommended very strictly for 3 weeks or so, I was substantially trimmer and more comfortable with myself. It’s quite a difficult program to follow and still have a life so I have been adapting as much as possible to be able to follow it.

I also feel much better about the publicised unhealthyness of a low carb diet. Given how much research has been done in the last few years about the dangers of sugar and how dietry fat is a completely different chemical composition to the fat that goes on your body. I am no longer at all concerned that cutting out the starches and replacing them with more vegetables alongside some healthy fats is going to be a problem. In fact, nearly every study done in the recent past has found that lower carb diets are the most effective way to lose weight without feeling hungry. In fact, even that Dieting Monolith, Weight Watchers have just changed their program to reflect that carbs are the thing to avoid. The trick is to fill up on vegetables, which are naturally lower in calories, hence lowering your calorie intake. The best thing about this is that even a smaller reduction in carbohydrate makes a difference and cutting out starches from one or two meals a day has an effect. It really depends on how quickly you’d like to lose weight.

So, for the moment no bread, potatoes, pasta, and other heavy starchy food. Obviously as I get closer to my goal weight, I’ll relax the rules more and on days where I get lots and lots of exercise, then I’ll eat more carbs. If I feel like them. I don’t always now.

And when I’m skiing in France, I fully expect to be eating tartiflette (potatoes) and crepes (it is Pancake day when we’re there) and other things, but then again the 5 or 6 hours a day of skiing should help. I am debating taking the protein powder tho as that should help with muscle soreness.