Beauty ideals and make up

I don’t really have anything meaningful to say on this but the image above made me laugh.

I only bother with beauty things because it makes me feel nicer. I like having smooth, clear skin and bright eyes. I like having my eyes defined by mascara and I really like a nice interestingly eye-catching lipstick. Those things are fun to me. Changing my appearance depending on the occasion is great, it’s like being a different person for a day.

It’s as fun as wearing interesting and funky clothing. Not that I am particularly funky but I do like different things. I don’t do any of these things for some form of male approval, and I most definitely don’t do it for approval from other women. In fact, quite regularly, I’m quite sure I catch Simon rolling his eyes at me as I purchase yet another eyeshadow or lipstick.

I expect, as I grow older, I shall be less keen on spending so much time and money on my appearance and just purchase the same things again and again. Or maybe not, I like the idea of being one of those ladies who wear purple.


One thought on “Beauty ideals and make up

  1. I don’t think there are easy answers on this one, at least not for me, so your attitude is about as sensible as any!

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