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Angela Langford free tester pack

In my ridiculous quest for nice skin and smaller pores, I have been reading about someone called Angela Langford who makes natural and organic skin care products. I’m not particularly bothered by the organic or natural parts of products as I don’t believe that just because something is organic or natural, it’s good for you. After all, caffeine is natural and it’s not particularly good for you. I am however, interested things which work and after reading about Angela Langford on another blog, I decided to try for myself. She offers free testers – you just pay for postage – and I like that someone will do that. Not only that, you have to answer a little questionnaire so that she can select the right testers for your skin.

Some larger beauty companies could learn from that, I’m not shelling out £30+ for something without testing it Lancome …

In any case, my testers duly arrived and well, I am very impressed. They have lasted 2 weeks now. They smell lovely – clean, slightly herby, almost medicinal in nature – and well, the Perfect Pores serum really does seem to work very well indeed. I really like the Balanced and Beautiful facial oil and the Scrub Up left me feeling squeaky clean and fresh. I really like using a facial oil, it seems to smooth things out and keep me properly moisturised rather than some moisturisers who leave me with dry patches or excessive oiliness.

So, all in all, the testers worked and I shall be purchasing more of the Perfect Pores serum and the Balanced and Beautiful oil. I really would recommend that you try these. I am really impressed with both the service and the products.  The website address is and I’ve not been paid for this review, I am just really impressed.

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  1. I’m tempted, I must admit. My skin has been terrible this winter – dry AND oily. Mm-mmmmm! Maybe when I come over this summer.

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