I may cook something exciting one day. Really

But not today. Simon did make some cabbage soup which was surprisingly good (obviously he is sleeping in the spare room if it has the advertised effect) and I ate the cheese that Liz brought back from France. Actually, she brought us Rebluchon so we shall be having tartiflette on the weekend. Woo! Something new and exciting. How can this go wrong – potatoes, bacon and cheese? The perfect ménage a trois?

Not for vegetarians though.

The tonsillitis is better and I can now swallow again but I’m afraid I have almost entirely lost all interest in food so it’s going to be a bit of a slow couple of weeks on the blog. I apologise to everyone who is looking for recipes or interesting pictures of food but the next few weeks will probably be about something else. Er. Not sure what yet – answers on a postcard ….

(I did however lose 2.5kgs with this stupid tonsillitus)