More about the eyebrows, with some incidental rattling mangos

In some kind of strange way I think that Charlie Brooker has quite good eyebrows. They are nicely arched, neat and frame the face. Obviously his hair is fucking awful and I do hate the smug smile. He is however much less bitter and nasty now that he’s married that nice Blue Peter bird.

And no, obviously I was not searching for “Charlie Eyebrows” to get this.

See, mine are just not right.

Rattling mango with wrong eyebrows

The mango rattling was because Simon was convinced there is something rattling around in it. I am hoping that it’s something that will make me money (would the Sun pay you for your story if you found an emerald in a mango? Perhaps the Express? I’d even do the Sport if necessary. I’ve already done the Mirror. Probably best not to ask. Franco knows if you must know.)

Oh and yes, I have had my hair done.

Other things you may not have known about my recent life:-

  • Previous to this week, I had not spent more than 2 hours in the hairdresser. On saturday I spent almost 5 hours in there, getting my hair back to a more normal hair colour.
  • I really do look like my mother in that photo
  • I am obsessed with the Lindt Dark chocolate with a touch of Sea Salt. It’s delicious.
  • I have been to Manchester, Leicester, London, Southampton, The Isle of Wight and Aylesbury in the last 10 days.
  • I just bought a Hoover and I have never resented spending £70 more. I was going to hold out for a hero (a Dyson) but quite frankly, the carpets were disgusting. Simon is currently fiddling with it and trying to figure out what all the attachments are for. I am planning on never using but really would like to find another cleaner who can use it.
  • I have a horrible cold (you probably knew this already)
  • I have had the Blue Screen of Death on my laptop twice in 2 days which is immensely worrying.
  • I might actually cook something again soon. Unfortunately The Curse of The Cold struck today when I went to Sainsbury for milk and I did the worlds most ridiculous shop – the rattly mango, 2 avocados, a bag of salad, some hot cross buns, some breaded chicken goujons, some naan breads and some cream cheese. No, these do not make a meal, and yes, we did have a chinese takeaway tonight (from Mr Wang! or actually Mrs Wang as she appeared to be in charge today). Happy Chinese New Year dudes.

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  1. What the hell is happening to the tag cloud, looks like food is more important than whinging? You happy and content or something? 🙂

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