The weirdest feeling.

I really want to exercise, I’m all fired up and really keen to be doing something but I have my annual cold (I rarely get them and it’s a once a year deal) and feel utterly wretched. I can barely breathe and my nose is streaming but I am dying to go for a run and go to the gym. This is bizarre. I am very annoyed at the set backs though as I am off skiing in exactly 4 weeks and I would like to be fit. I have also paid for Bootcamp and have now missed 4 sessions due to work and now being ill 😦

So, once I am back to full strength – Sunday or Monday I expect – I shall be kicking off with a pretty solid regime. Not too many carbs, loads of nice veggies, less cheese than usual, and I might even do a 2 week HellWeek and exercise twice a day as that improved my fitness levels beyond all belief.

In other news, I think I now own 6 blue dresses. This is ridiculous. I must stop buying them!