On the subject of eyebrows.

Thick and bushy? Slim? arched? darker than hair? or same shade?

When did we start worrying about them? Note the royal we in that sentence. As it really is becoming an issue. I have random straggly bits, no discernible arch and well, really, they are a bit too pale. But then again, what the hell should I do with them?

This helpful picture explains where the arch should be. Unfortunately it appears to highlight the fact that her face is so very wonky. Or there was a bad photoshop job.Which wouldn’t be surprising really.

Anyway, I think that in the process of writing this blog post, I’ve decided that I am not sure I really care enough so I am going to leave the stupid things and just ignore them until they take over my face.

(Random blog posts courtesy of the fact that I have a horrible cold and it’s making me slightly bizarre.)