I have been working away and training people for the last week – anyone want to know how SEO works? – and I have been unable to do anything other than do presentations, eat, drive to a new location and collapse and repeat for the last week. So I have not been updating the blog. To be honest, no one wants to see pictures of hotel food and very standard hotel bedrooms.

Tomorrow is my last session and me and one of my lovely colleagues will be finishing it up. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for small mercies.

Obviously things don’t calm down once we’ve done all the training as we need to get the system out to the people we have trained and get them started on their bits. It’s pretty exciting for them and it really does make me realise how awesome this job can be – giving people the ability to do their job really well and making a massive positive difference to their working lives is great. Obviously the fact that we’ve been doing 7 days a week plus lots of evening work is not so great but in a week or so it should calm down and we can get back to normal.

Orange and Thyme roast chicken and parmentier potatoes are in the oven  to be served alongside sugarsnaps, sweetcorn and garlicy asparagus. A nice normal meal before heading off to another hotel room.