Dinner Club: Vegetarian Challenge

We have a little bit of a club going on. I fear that it is primarily for Simon & Matt to compete with each other about their mad cooking skillz but it was arranged at the beginning because it’s quite nice going round a friend’s house for dinner. There are 4 of us in it, Matt, Simon and @Liz. Our first round was excellent and we decided that for our second round that we needed a new challenge. So we decided that we would go vegetarian. Given that none of us are exactly vegetarian (Liz is a flexitarian, this does not count, as I am sure that @Trish agrees), this is quite a challenge.

Matt went first and managed to awe us with his amazing menu of:-

Jerusalem Artichoke soup

Sage & Parmesan ravioli with a ragu of puy lentils and creamy parsley sauce

A classic Tarte tatin with creme fraiche ice cream.(No photos, we were too tipsy to remember at this stage)


(Sorry about the lack of posts everyone, I am launching a lot (65) of websites in the next few weeks and am currently billing 6 days a week plus overtime for the last few weeks, only 2 more to go but it’s all going well and I’m really excited at the way things are coming together now.